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The TagCloud Plugin is a fully-fledged replacement for the built-in Confluence tag cloud ("Popular Labels") implementation. It can be used instead of the listlabels-heatmap.action and the popular-labels macro featuring several useful additions compared to the default functionality. Especially, permissions are considered: only tags are displayed of content the user has access to. The implementation is based on a Lucene index to obtain scalability even for large tag collections.


Features & Scenarios

New Tagcloud menu items

New Tag menu items are available in the Space Sidebar and in the Global Navigation (Confluence header). These actions go far in excess of static tag clouds: Users can set different filters and options to generate and visualize individual tag clouds.

The tagcloud macro is useful in the following scenarios and configurations

Using different filter options, you can build specific tag clouds, e.g. for the following use cases:

  • In dashbaords and space homepages: Space-specific and cross-space tag clouds, i.e. show tag clouds of one or multiple selected space(s)
  • In user profiles and personal spaces: User-specific tag clouds i.e. show tag clouds based on user contributions
  • In overview pages and portals: Topic-specific tag clouds, i.e. only show related tags in a tag cloud based on tag co-occurrence
  • To visualize trends and active content: Time-specific tag clouds, i.e. show tag clouds limited to a certain time range (based on Page's LastModDate, e.g. to see only recent content)

The visualization can be customized

Powerful layout options allow to customize the tag cloud visualization. For the tagcloud macro this is done using parameters. The TagCloud action shows a subset of the most important options in its menu panel.

  • Choose between multiple sorting algorithms (alphabetical, rank, circular) for different scenarios and information needs
  • Adjust font sizes using several scaling algorithms always allowing for well proportioned clouds (based on tag frequency)
  • Automatically truncate long tags to improve readability and layout
  • Exclude specified tags from the cloud using a blacklist (pre- and postfixes)
  • Animated 3D presentation in Flash or HTML5
  • Fancy 2D presentation inspired by Wordle
  • You can configure the look & feel using CSS styles (via a Theme Plugin or a style macro embedded in the page)

All parameters are described below.

Macro parameters

The Tagcloud provides a wide range of 20 parameters to customize the tag cloud on your context. E.g. only show tags of content that was recently updated, or edited by a specific user, in one or more Spaces.

See TagCloud Macro Parameters.

What's new?

See TagCloud Plugin Release Notes.


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